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Wilder, for year, was not originally refined to play the Waco Kid in Every Saddles he had co-starred in The Specialists in It was Medavoy who rode that Wilder talk to Mel Sparkles about directing. Cheapest Tickets for Young Frankenstein, Garrick Theatre, London West End Booking Your "Young Frankenstein" London Tickets: "Young Frankenstein", Garrick Theatre tickets may be purchased by following the Book Tickets links on this page.

Oct 15,  · The monster (Peter Boyle) gets burned several times by the blind priest (Gene Hackman). Ripped to using mplayer. (mplayer dvd://1 -dumpstream -dumpfile Encoded into a. Young Frankenstein.

Gene Wilder, ‘Willy Wonka’ Star and Comedic Icon, Dies at 83

IT’S ALIVE! This electrifying adaptation of Mel Brooks' monstrously funny film will leave you in stitches. The musical re-imagining of the Frankenstein legend follows young Dr.

How Mel Brooks and Gene Wilder Turned ‘Young Frankenstein’ Into a Monster Hit

Frankenstein (that's Fronkensteen) and Igor (that’s Eye gor) as they attempt to create a monster, but not without scary and hilarious complications. From the brains behind The Producers, Blazing Saddles and Spaceballs. Legendary filmmaker and comedian Mel Brooks brings his musical comedy Young Frankenstein to life on stage in an all-singing, all-dancing musical collaboration with Tony-award winning Broadway director and choreographer Susan Stroman.


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1. Studio Executives tried Tricking Director Mel Brooks into Shooting the Film in Color. By the mid-‘70s, black and white cinema was an endangered species. The story of how Young Frankenstein came to life dates back to the summer of and to Fire Island, a popular weekend getaway for New Yorkers.

It was there that two young Jewish men from.

Young frankenstein film
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