The use of focus groups in britain today as a form of democracy

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The power of the focus group

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Using focus groups in political science and international relations

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New National Democracy Week to focus on underrepresented groups

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Following widespread use in political marketing and polling, focus groups are slowly gaining recognition as a useful and legitimate method in political science.

Focus groups can, however, be far more than just a secondary qualitative method to primary quantitative public opinion research: they can be used to study the micro-level process of social.

A FURORE erupted in Britain in April when the effect of the Home Office’s “hostile environment” policy on Caribbean migrants who came to Britain after the second world war was revealed. Because the use of focus groups in the political research and consultancy process may vary greatly, we do not employ a single methodological approach of conducting and analyzing focus groups.

The use of random selection to form a representative deliberative body is known as sortition. Examples of this are citizens' assemblies and citizens' juries.

Citizens' assemblies have been used in Canada (, ) and the Netherlands () to debate electoral reform, and in Iceland ( and ) for broader constitutional change.

Focus Groups and Political Marketing: Science and Democracy as Axiomatic?

When focus groups workSometimes focus groups prove a more reliable barometer than quantitative polling. Inpolls indicated a hung Parliament, even a small Labour majority.

History of democracy

The outcome, accurately predicted by focus groups, was a comfortable Tory win.

The use of focus groups in britain today as a form of democracy
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