The suspense and exciting plot of the shack

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The Shack Summary

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The matching attributes are highlighted in bold. The Shack is a novel by Canadian author William P. Young that was published in The novel was self-published but became a USA Today bestseller, having sold 1 million copies as of June 8, Plot.

The novel is set in the American Northwest. The main character is Mackenzie Allen Phillips, a father of five called "Mack" by his family. The movie is based on the phenomenally successful novel “The Shack” by author William P. Young and is a profoundly inspirational story about the resiliency of the human spirit amongst unimaginable loss, as a grieving father faces the hardest decision of his life — to forgive the unforgivable.

What is PLOT? • Plot is the of interest or suspense occurs. Rising Action in Cinderella • This is the most exciting part of the story!

A Father’s Journey to Forgiveness in “The Shack”

Climax in Cinderella • It’s midnight and Cinderella must leave so she flees from the palace and loses her glass slipper on the steps! 4. Falling Action.

The suspense and exciting plot of the shack
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