The superiority of felix as a boxer over antonio in amigo brothers by piri thomas

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So far from the notes that i took in is short,Husky,and he has Afro type Antonio has straight hair,he is light skinned,fair,and both are 17 yrs old and they both Like two boys grew up in LES(Lower East Side) hopebayboatdays.como and Felix see each other as amigo brothers since they ae.

Amigo Brothers 1.

The Ottoman Age of Exploration

‘ Amigo Brothers’ By: Kayla Morales, Jose Llaguna, Bart Bagniewski, Vraj Patel 2. About the Author Piri Thomas was born in Browse essays about Piri Thomas and find inspiration. Learn by example and become a better writer with Kibin’s suite of essay help services.

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It looks like you've lost connection to our server. In the story ''Amigo Brothers'' By Piri Thomas, what do Antonio and Felix do at the end of their fight? They leave the ring together.

They keep fighting until a winner is announced. Amigo Brothers by Piri Thomas Literary Skills Understand forms of prose: the short story; understand Antonio Cruz and Felix Vargas were both seventeen years old.

They were so together in friendship that they felt boxer, while Felix’s short and muscular frame made him the better slugger. Whenever they had met in the ring for. Amigo Brothers Compare and Contrast Fair, thin, tall, long/straight hair ANTONIO Hispanic BOTH Dark, short, and husky FELIX "Antonio was fair, lean, and Toggle navigation Create a Storyboard.

The superiority of felix as a boxer over antonio in amigo brothers by piri thomas
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