The role of the monetary policy in the exchange rate business

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Monetary Policy

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Monetary policy

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Monetary policy: Actions of a central bank or other committees that determine the size and rate of growth of the money supply, which will affect interest rates. Business News.

Monetary Policy

October 13, / AM / a month ago China's central bank says market to play decisive role in yuan exchange rate. 2 Min Read. and China’s monetary policy would remain. Monetary policy is the process by which the monetary of one form or another, this approach is focused on monetary quantities. As these quantities could have a role on the economy and business cycles depending on the households Countries may decide to use a fixed exchange rate monetary regime in order to take advantage of price stability.

Monetary policy directly affects short-term interest rates; it indirectly affects longer-term interest rates, currency exchange rates, and prices of equities and other assets and thus wealth. Through these channels, monetary policy influences household spending, business investment, production, employment, and inflation in the United States.

So the principal objectives of monetary policy in such a country are to control credit for controlling inflation and to stabilise the price level, to stabilise the exchange rate, to achieve equilibrium in the balance of payments and to promote economic development.

Role of monetary policy in the economic development of a country are as follows: 1. Appropriate Adjustment between Demand for and Supply of Money, 2. Price Stability, 3.

Credit Control, 4. Creation and Expansion of Financial Institutions, 5. Suitable Interest Rate Structure, 6. Debt Management. 1.

The role of the monetary policy in the exchange rate business
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