The pollutants at the bottom of our lakes

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Fish Consumption

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Pollution of Lakes and Streams

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The findings point to a ubiquity of plastics in the Lakes, likely to the same tune as the oceans. Using calculations of how much plastic enters the water per person in coastal regions, a recent study estimated that around 10, tons of plastic finds its way into the Great Lakes annually.

6 Sep., What Really is at the Bottom of our Lakes In the article Sludge William Ashworth points out that with the success of economic growth, the cost is often the environment. This is most evident in our lakes and rivers, which have served as a dumping ground whether we realized it.

Once in a lake or stream, some particles settle out of the water to become bottom sediments.

Water pollution

Chemical pollutants adsorbed (bound) to the particles are also incorporated into the sediments, where they may be permanently buried, or be carried by the water currents to other locations.

Sixty percent of the certified wastewater treatment plants in Northeast Ohio discharged pollutants into our waterways over the past five years -- in violation of the Clean Water Act -- according. Once in a lake or stream, some particles settle out of the water to become bottom sediments.

Chemical pollutants adsorbed (bound) to the particles are also incorporated into the sediments, where they may be permanently buried, or be carried by the water currents to other locations.

Water pollution

Lakes and ponds provide habitat for many plants, insects, fish, birds and other wildlife, much of our drinking water and important economic and recreational opportunities for .

The pollutants at the bottom of our lakes
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