The increasing issue of uncompensated care in the healthcare institutions in the united states

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Decrease in Hospital Uncompensated Care in Michigan, 2015

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Health care in the United States

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greater levels of uncompensated care and some portion of the higher rates of bad debt incurred by CAHs may be more accurately classified as charity care if the strategies discussed later in this paper were more widely implemented.


For uncompensated care utilization by the uninsured to affect the rate of increase in service prices and premiums, the proportion of care that was uncompensated would have to be increasing as well.

A review of the health care systems of five different countries suggests that the United States system is not necessarily the best health delivery system in terms of access —especially when compared to that of England and Canada (Weiss & Lonnquist, ). Even as the cost of healthcare in the United States spirals for consumers, these rising costs have not translated into rising profits for healthcare institutions.

Plagued by uncompensated care, operating inefficiencies, and increasing equipment and labor costs, many hospitals and clinics are facing fiscal. In the United States, since the early s, these institutions have often thrived financially by maximizing income from insurance and philanthropy, both of which have supported the enormous growth of specialty medicine and heroic high-technology care.

Community Health Nursing Test 2. Uncompensated care, which can lead to cost shifting. The organizational structure of the United States health care delivery system can best be described by three subsystems: Scientific health system, complementary health system, and popular health system.

The increasing issue of uncompensated care in the healthcare institutions in the united states
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