The inconsistency of utilitarianism with the demands of friendship

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Utilitarianism Is Good

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In order for Pro to show utilitarianism is morally expressive conceded definiton he must explain why 1. The inconsistency objection Act utilitarians complain that act and rule utilitarianism can prescribe different actions as right in certain circumstances.

The right act for act utilitarianism is always that act that achieves the greatest overall utility in that situation. Kant Ethics: Ethical Objectivism-Moral Absolutism-Rationalism -the demands of morality apply regardless of circumstances.

Kant: Catagorical Imperative -Utilitarianism states its moral to use people as means to an end against their will, so that it provides more pleasure/less pain. In rule utilitarianism sometimes there is a get out clause attached to a rule.

You don't have to obey if obeying leads to a personal or social disasters. - for Kant you obey even if it kills you. CIS CHapter 1 Philosophy. STUDY. This derives from Kant's claim that reason motivates morality: it demands that we respect reason as a motive in all beings, including other people.

rather than because of the friendship; he argues that this visit seems morally lacking because it is motivated by the wrong thing. Marcia Baron has.

These inconsistencies makes utilitarianism an impractical philosophy to follow. 3. The Inconsistency of Utilitarianism with the Demands of Friendship. words. 4 pages.

Situationist Social Psychology and J. S. Mill's Conception of Character

The Light of Friendship That Burned Out. words. 1 page. A Philosophical Conversation with My Friends. words. 3 pages. My Bestfriend Charity and I. words.

The inconsistency of utilitarianism with the demands of friendship
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