The iguana vs the thai water

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Iguana or Chinese Water Dragon?

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Iguana VS. Waterdragon

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What's the difference between Green Iguanas and Chinese Water Dragons?

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Asian water monitor

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Opposite are many standards available, and not all are self choices. Jul 13,  · I havent heard much about chinese water dragons, but they look like really fun pets, and get almost as big as the iguanas.

I plan to have a cage in the corner with proper lighting and maybe a couple things to climb on but mainly the iguana or water dragon will roam around in my room, or stay in an area for it in my room Resolved. Mar 24,  · Charlie and skittles walking around a bit.

Thanks for watching and make sure to check us out on Instagram @coldblooded_couple!!! The species is known as Malayan water monitor, Asian water monitor (or kabaragoya, denoting a Sri Lankan subspecies with distinct morphological features), common water monitor, two-banded monitor, and as rice lizard, ring lizard, plain lizard and no-mark lizard, as well as simply "water monitor".

The Green Iguana Society is dedicated to providing quality information on iguana care as well as information on current adoptions and rescues throughout the United States & Canada. White Head of the Iguana Caused by Salt Water Since the Galapagos Iguanas swim and eat in salt water they ingest a lot of salt.

Because of this, they sneeze a lot and when they do so, salt sprays onto their heads giving them a white noggin that almost looks like an old fashioned white wig that men wore during the Baroque Period of the 's. Watch video · This Planet Earth 2 iguana vs.

snake scene plays out like a chase from The Bourne Identity. We spoke to the editor of the scene being hailed as potentially the 'greatest TV moment ever'.

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