The effects of legalizing ganga

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Topic: The Effects of legalizing Ganja Narrowed Focus: The Positive Effects of Legalizing Ganja on the economy of a named country. Thesis: Legalization of Ganja would result in benefits to the economy through reduced law enforcement costs, spin-off industries and new tax revenue in the United States.

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Jun 11,  · Aside from the damaging physical effects smoking marijuana has on the body, it is also linked to increased risk of mental health problems such as depression and anxiety, and can affect brain chemistry so gravely that it’s believed to trigger schizophrenia.

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COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Ohio legalized medical marijuana, but that doesn't mean anyone can light up a joint whenever they please -- far from it. Legislation signed Wednesday by Gov. John Kasich creates. Legalizing marijuana is one of the biggest debates in America today and its harmful consequences targets all ages groups including teenagers.

Marijuana is a controversial topic and should be banned due to its negative impact in society, development of health issues, drug addiction, and crime increase.

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Legalising marijuana would be wrong