The destructive power of a volcano and the ring of fire

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Ring of Fire

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History's Most Destructive Volcanoes

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The types of volcanoes that commonly form in this zone are called _____ that form by the melting of asthenosphere and lithosphere rocks during _____. For all their destructive power, volcanoes are vital to man's existence. Volcanic gases helped create earth's atmosphere, and continue to affect its composition today.

On a more prosaic level, volcanic glass (obsidian) was used by ancient humans to make tools. Volcanic ash serves as a fertilizer, returning important nutrients and minerals to the soil. According to The Express UK, the Pacific Ring of Fire volcanoes are more explosive than the ones located in the island state of Hawaii.

With Hawaii experiencing widespread devastation at the hands of the Kilauea volcano, geologists are now warning that California could.

The approximately 25,mile-long, horseshoe-shaped Ring of Fire outlines the Pacific Ocean and is known for its chain of volcanoes and as the location for 90 percent of Earth’s earthquakes.

In February, Indonesia’s Mount Sinabung volcano exploded, coating nearby villages in ash and shooting a massive ash cloud about 3 miles up into the air. Ring of Fire: countries constantly struck by volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.

THIS is the reason Japan and New Zealand are repeatedly struck by powerful earthquakes. And it’s just warming up.

Located in Costa Rica's Central Highlands, Poas Volcano is one of the most active in the Pacific Ring of Fire. Although the last major eruption occurred inPoas remains highly active, and you can often see geysers shooting as high as feet into the air.

The destructive power of a volcano and the ring of fire
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