The cobit framework

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COBIT® Foundation

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The Cobit Framework Essay

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COBIT & Val IT – How These Frameworks Help Your Business

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COBIT is a set of IT principles and provides a best-practice framework designed to safeguard the privacy and security of company-specific data, such as trade secrets and personnel information, to.

COBIT was created in and evolved from an audit framework into a governance framework around The latest version, COBIT 5 was released in early Many organizations started their adoption process of COBIT as an IT governance framework on version 4, but the new version 5 brings additional components that strengthen the value of.

The COBIT framework is used by enterprises in all industries around the globe, and COBIT publications have been downloaded more than one million times.

This press release features multimedia. COBIT 5 consolidates and integrates the CobiTVal IT and Risk IT frameworks, and draws from ISACA's IT Assurance Framework (ITAF) and the Business Model for Information Security (BMIS). COBIT 5 offers organizations a framework that builds best-practice controls.

Organizations choosing to establish financial risk reporting models that align with COSO can use COBIT 5 to help organize their control landscape.

Leveraging IT Control Frameworks for Compliance

COBIT 5 provides a comprehensive framework that assists enterprises in achieving their objectives for the governance and management of enterprise IT. It helps enterprises create optimal value from IT by maintaining a balance between realizing benefits, and optimizing risk levels and resource use.

The cobit framework
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