The catholic church perspective of hate crimes

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UPDATE: Attack on Byzantine priest branded a ‘hate crime’

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The Guardian view on Catholic sexual abuse: yet another fresh start

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Hate Crimes Against Catholics Increasing Nationwide

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The FBI hate crime statistics for lists intimidation as the number-one reported offense—it counts for over 40 percent of all such crimes. Yet nowhere does the FBI offer a precise definition of what constitutes “intimidation”; they rely on reporting precincts for the numbers.

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Hate, Love, and False Love

From the explanations of our liturgies to the most eminent Catholics who made Australia what it is, you will find it all here. And, as well, all the latest publications from Pope Francis.

The catholic church perspective of hate crimes

Oct 19,  · A gay church worker has been the target of yet another hate crime spurred on by rightwing Catholic groups, which left him questioning whether to remain in ministry and should be a moment for church leaders to reject anti-LGBT hate unequivocally.

KNOCK, Ireland (AP) — Pope Francis issued a sweeping apology Sunday (Aug. 26) for the “crimes” of the Catholic Church in Ireland, saying church officials regularly didn’t respond with compassion to the many abuses children and women suffered over the years and vowing to work for justice.

Catholicism’s Crimes Against Humanity.

Catholicism’s Crimes Against Humanity

It’s a sign of a church given over to evil. A church that leaves young children to die of malnutrition and then dumps hundreds of them into a mass grave is not a church. It’s an evil institution that robs the word “church” of any meaning, and twists the Gospels into their direct opposite.

The recent passage of Canada’s Bill C, which amended the hate crimes law to include sexual orientation, is a case in point, and the looming “same-sex marriage” bill is another.

The catholic church perspective of hate crimes
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UPDATE: Attack on Byzantine priest branded a ‘hate crime’ | Deacon Greg Kandra