The ancient methods of measuring the earth

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History of geodesy

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Ancient Measurements of the Circumference of the Earth. 1. The reconstruction of the system of ancient lineal units allows to confirm the conclusion of French scholars of the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries that the ancients had achieved a most accurate calculation of the circumference of the earth and that this calculation had been performed earlier than Greek times.

A Brief History of Time Measurement

Geometry (Ancient Greek: geo- “earth“, -metron “measurement“) was originally dealing with measuring of the earth. Today, geometry has wider meaning: it is a branch of mathematics concerned with questions of shape, size, relative position of figures, and the properties of space.

About years ago, an ancient Greek scholar, philosopher, poet, and mathematician named Eratosthenes used staggeringly simple geometry to calculate the size of Earth with very high accuracy. The ancient Greeks were remarkable for their ability to use geometry to describe the scale of things that they could not directly perceive.

The Four Corners of the Earth The most common ancient theme is that of a Flat Earth surmounted by a hemispherical sky. Homeric: A flat disk surrounded by a world ocean. A Brief History of Time Measurement.

History of geodesy

Age 7 to 18 Article by Leo Rogers. Measuring time by the Sun, the Moon and the Stars. The variation has two causes; the plane of the Earth's equator is inclined to the Earth's orbit around the Sun, and the orbit of the Earth around the sun is an ellipse and not a circle.

A Modern Measurement of the Radius of the Earth A long time ago, but on this planet, a Greek philosopher created an experiment to measure the radius of the Earth.

Really, it was a cool experiment.

The ancient methods of measuring the earth
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