Murder is the most vindictive crime in society

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13 Crimes That Shocked the World and Changed Our Culture Forever

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They exploit money through many other against humanity. The crime is a result of various things in our life, the first biggest and the greatest one is called money, an expression is that “money is root of all evil". Many people who are in need of money, they commit different types of crimes just to avail money.

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A simple argument for criminalizing murder would be it takes away the life of an individual or a person is deprived of a life which state provides to an individual, so essentially the state make laws to prevent crime and prohibit murder or a crime for the welfare and protection of the mankind.

A study by a team of Iowa State researchers calculated the cost to society of the five most serious crimes -- murder, rape, armed robbery, aggravated assault and burglary.

Effects of Crime on Society

Matt DeLisi, an ISU associate professor of sociology and director of the criminal justice program, led. Murder is the most vindictive crime society can commit. Society often wonders, what makes an individual want to commit such a crime.

As individuals in society, the belief of being born a murderer is false. No one is born a murderer; society gives birth to that murderer. In Ted Bundy’s case the. Oct 21,  · The estimated murder cost is transferable, DeLisi says: Any murder, anywhere in the country, costs society somewhere on the order of $17 million.

That means the worst offender in the Iowa State study, convicted of nine killings, imposed a $ million cost on society.

ISU team calculates societal costs of five major crimes; finds murder at $125 million Murder is the most vindictive crime in society
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