Indecent material on the internet should be regulated by the government

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Why Media Should Not Be Regulated by the Government Essay Sample

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Can the Internet be regulated?

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Why regulating pornography is harder than it sounds

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Though there is such disadvantage, I believe internet should still be regulated by the government.

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When compared the level of internet censorship between Hong Kong and China, it is less strict in Hong Kong. 1 Regulation of Investment Advisers by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission * I. Introduction. Money managers, investment consultants, and financial planners are regulated.

Should cable be regulated by gov't? not broadcast over the airwaves//not operating on scarce spectrum receive first amendment protection// users take deliberate steps to gain access and unlikely to accidentally encounter indecent material// no spectrum scarcity justifies government regulation// internet not as "invasive" as broadcasting and.

Internet indecency case gets under way and how or if it should be regulated. The new law forbids the distribution to minors of obscene or indecent material through the Internet or on-line.

Dawn A. Edick,Regulation of Pornography on the Internet in the United States and the United Kingdom: the bandwidth on the Internet is unlimited and the government's permission is not required to attach a server Furthermore, in the case not be regulated to the same extent as broadcasts In so holding.

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Start studying Media Policy and Law: Mass Comm. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. it's currently legal to post indecent materials on the Internet. the idea that speech and media content should be free from government restriction.

Indecent material on the internet should be regulated by the government
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