Environmental effects of the bottled water

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Reclaimed water

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As bottled water becomes more popular, the bottled water industry is becoming a larger target for activists who want to restrict or ban the selling and usage of bottled water.

Recently, efforts to ban bottled water took off in Massachusetts, California and Virginia (all three of which are being reversed as residents realize the negative effects. The environmental cost of the massive consumption of bottled water has led some U.S. and Canadian local governments to consider a ban its sale.

The bottled water industry causes a severe strain on the environment, but solutions to this environmental damage significantly lessen the quality of water in the bottles. Previous page Next page >>. Lack of Purity. The bottled water industry is very loosely regulated and nearly "40% of all bottled water starts out as tap water" (Businessinsider) and "studies have found bottled water to be no purer than tap water, and in some cases even harmful, with one out of every three containing harmful chemicals such as cancer-causing contaminants, bacteria, and carcinogens"(NRDC, EWG).

This video focuses on the pH of the brands of bottled water being tested. Fluoride. A lot of people buy bottled water because they think the bottling companies are removing fluoride, chlorine and other toxins from the water. A great read! This was a very well written article. The effects of plastic bottles on the environment are damaging for our earth.

Water Usage & Privatization

Production of plastic water bottles takes a heavy toll on the.

Environmental effects of the bottled water
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The Effects of Bottled Water on the Environment