Canterbury tales role of the


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A 'Land Girl', an American GI, and a British soldier find themselves together in a small Kent town on the road to Canterbury. The town is being plagued by a mysterious "glue-man", who pours glue on the hair of girls dating soldiers after dark.

''The Canterbury Tales'' by Chaucer is a story of many tales, yet a theme within the story is religion, corruption of faith, and the church.

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The Effect Geoffrey Chaucer's Canterbury Tales Had on History

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The frame narrative of the Tales itself is religious: everybody is on pilgrimage to Canterbury. But these are not necessarily the most pious pilgrims in the world: for many of the travelers, that the pilgrimage is a tourist expedition rather than a devout religious quest.

Mar 27,  · The Canterbury Tales is set up so that each pilgrim tells a story on the way to Canterbury. Although he started it aroundhe did not finish it before his death in 's. Although unfinished, many of the tales were complete and remains one of the world's greatest writings of all hopebayboatdays.coms:

Canterbury tales role of the
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