An overview of the history and the first battle of bull run

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First Battle of Bull Run

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The First Battle of Bull Run

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American Civil War

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Battle of Fredericksburg

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It was the first body of troops raised by the state for Civil War service, and it was among first regiments of any state offered for national service. The First battle of Bull Run or First Manassas was the first large land battle fought during the Civil War.

Battle Of Bull Run

It ended up a clear victory for the Confederates. Summary of the Battle of Bull Run. Apr 01,  · Watch video · Known as the First Battle of Bull Run (or Manassas), the engagement began when about 35, Union troops marched from the federal capital in Washington, D.C. to strike a Confederate force of 20, along a.

The First Battle of Bull Run is known as the first true battle of the American Civil War. It occurred on July 21,just 30 miles outside of. Old West Stories - a forum for tales about the wild, wild west, cowboy stories, western legends, history of the old west, fact, fiction and exaggeration from the trails that are part of the mystery that are Old West Stories.

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Second Battle of Bull Run An overview of the history and the first battle of bull run
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