An introduction to the televised debates between the nominees of the two major parties

Ross Perot presidential campaign, 1992

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7 Things You May Not Know About U.S. Presidential Debates

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United States presidential election of 1960

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televised debates between presidential nominees that are highly important to the campaign Primaries Reform Act of form the basis of. Jan 18,  · Selecting a president. Although the framers of the Constitution established a system for electing the president—the electoral college—they did not devise a method for nominating presidential candidates or even for choosing electors.

The nominees of the two major parties did not debate untilwhen Republican candidate Richard Nixon faced challenger John Kennedy, the junior Democratic Senator from Massachusetts.

This first debate helped Kennedy win the presidency because his youth and vitality showed through the television, and he seemed more energetic and. The first televised presidential debates took place during the election.

Many believed that John F. Kennedy did better in those debates than his opponent, Richard Nixon.

Why Not Expand the Presidential Debates?

Kennedy was better prepared to appear on television. The debates are seen as a key reason that Kennedy narrowly defeated Nixon.

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