An introduction to the origins of megans law in the united states

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International Megan's Law: America's Global Embarrassment

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Megan's law

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Over the past two decades, a wave of support for rule of law programs in Latin America continues to import legal training, technology and ideas from the developed world, especially the United States (Dezalay and Garth ; Carothers).

SARAHS LAW is not enough. The failure to initiate a MEGANS LAW clone from the States based on false fears of vengance vigilanties is more spin to prevent 'GIVE US THE LIST'.

The government don't want public listing it rocks the boat with the police over being the only ones in the know. data about the offender’s history, including his/her Megan’s Law offense, as well as any other offenses, incarceration or supervision, treatment, counseling and past and current status in the community.

An introduction to the origins of megans law in the united states
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