An examination of the battle of ypres

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World Wars

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Battle of Verdun

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7 Abandoned Hospitals From Around the World

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Book Review: Gallipoli A Review by LtCol Rich Beil USMC (Ret.) This book falls under the category of popular, as opposed to academic history, and provides an example of why military history in general, and popular military history in particular, is viewed with distain in the discipline.

Often known as the First Battle of Ypres, this is a series of named battles that also form part of the outflanking encounter.

It becomes a desperate epic fight east of the city of Ypres which finally results in stalemate and entrenched warfare.

First Battle of Ypres

On October 19,near the Belgian city of Ypres, Allied and German forces begin the first of what would be three battles to control the city and its. First Battle of Ypres.

The battle of Ancre took place in November However for the 51st Highland Division it will be remembered as the Battle of Beaumont Hamel. Tactics at Ypres. The British had learned hard lessons in the Boer War at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

To which I replied that “I was under the impression that I was advancing in artillery formation”. On closer examination I found my formation was more like a Mothers’ Meeting out for a walk Battle at Ypres.

An examination of the battle of ypres
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The First Battle of Ypres and Problem of Counting Casualties – Defence-In-Depth