An assessment of the painting the view of toledo by el greco

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View of Toledo

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El Greco, View of Toledo

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The storm may find at any moment and erase the question before us, but by depicting this declaration in paint, El Greco has brought it will never happen. View of Toledo by El Greco (c): Interpretation of Mannerist Landscape Painting. View of Toledo was centuries ahead of its time, and probably can best be compared to Vincent van Gogh's Starry Night,which contains many of the same compositional elements (a swirling sky, overwhelming nature, a skyline dominated by a church).

Toledo was the religious capital of Spain and El Greco's 'View of Toledo' is a landscape painting with a spiritual dimension. He chooses to portray the scene just at that moment before a storm bursts.

El Greco (). View of Toledo. (). Mannerism. El Greco is one of largest representing mannerism. Although it of Greek origin and was born in Candie in Crete, Spanish painting owes him its world famous.

The View of Toledo is one of two landscape paintings by El Greco that featured the Spanish city that he had made his home. The painting, which measures by inches, is in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

The new El Greco Museum in Toledo shows "the most modern" works by one of the greatest geniuses of painting. El Greco Museum in Toledo provides the chance to discover, with a new display and a communicative exhibition, the work by this painter, and especially his last production, which he carried out in Spain.

An assessment of the painting the view of toledo by el greco
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