A summary of the adventures of dr dolittle by hugh lofting

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Book Review: The Story of Doctor Dolittle by Hugh Lofting

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Doctor Dolittle

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Once upon a time, many years ago when our grandfathers were little children—there was a doctor; and his name was Dolittle—John Dolittle, M.D. "M.D." means that. Hugh John Lofting (14 January – 26 September ) was a British author, trained as a civil engineer, who created the character of Doctor Dolittle, one of the classics of children's literature.

Besides The Story of Doctor Dolittle, Hugh Lofting wrote eleven other books in this children's series. Dr.

Adapted Literature and Lessons

John Doolittle is a respected physician with a love of animals, who eventually loses his human patients due to the in I am and always have been a huge fan of old movies.4/5().

The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle Summary. Sir Hugh Walpole, in his introduction to the tenth printing of The Story of Doctor Dolittle, praised Lofting as a "genius" for his understanding of what delights children, for his line drawings, for his creation of the character of Doctor Dolittle.

Doctor Dolittle's Puddleby Adventures is a Doctor Dolittle book written by Hugh Lofting. The book is a posthumous collection of stories that Lofting originally wrote during the s for the Herald Tribune Syndicate but here first included in book hopebayboatdays.com: Doctor Dolittle.

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A summary of the adventures of dr dolittle by hugh lofting
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