A research on music and the music video the way i feel

Why Does Music Make Us Feel?

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Why Does Music Make Us Feel?

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How Music Changes Your Mood

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How Music Impacts, Helps Our Emotions

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Music & How It Impacts Your Brain, Emotions

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When we discover that someone likes a piece of music that we like, we tend to think better of them—as if musical preference had a deeper meaning than just entertainment.

The psychological functions of music listening

Aug 13,  · Evolutionary speculations have tended to focus on single-source causes such as music as an indicator of biological fitness, music as a means for social and emotional communication, music as social glue, music as a way of facilitating caretaker mobility, music as a means of tempering anxiety about mortality, music as escapism or transcendental.

Having a music video can help promote your band, through video sites such as YouTube and MySpace. As well as by getting exposure on national television. If you're a filmmaker making a music video is a good way of getting exposure and experience and bands are often happy to give you a creative free reign.

Research on the effects of music during exercise has been done for years. Inan American researcher, Leonard Ayres, found that cyclists pedaled faster while listening to music than they did.

Which brings us back to music and the Logeswaran paper. Music is exquisitely emotionally evocative, which is why a touch of happy music makes even unrelated pictures seem more pleasant. Music can make a daily work commute or a mundane task feel more bearable, and scientific research has shown music’s influence to extend much further.

It can literally change your mood and improve your health and overall well-being.

A research on music and the music video the way i feel
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