A comparison of the united states constitution and the iraqi constitution

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Comparing Iraq's Constitution with the U.S.

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United States

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Comparison of US Constitution to Iraq Constitution

In the same Article 36, the right of assembly and expression by all means is provided. The majority of the seventeen later amendments expand individual civil rights.

History of the United States

At seven articles and twenty-seven amendments, it is the shortest written constitution in force. The Constitution of the United States was the first constitution of its kind, and has influenced the constitutions of other nations.

Even though the countries of Iraq and the United States have much friction between each other it is very surprising how much the constitutions of both nations are alike. James Madison became the main writer of the United States Constitution, which was adopted in The 13 states ratifie.

Similarities and Differences of the US and Iraqi Constitution Essay - As stated in the first paper; The Constitution of the United States was designed to be a framework for the organization of our country’s government.

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A comparison of the united states constitution and the iraqi constitution
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